“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss


 Do you believe life is a string of random events or a series of finely orchestrated occurrences designed for your growth and enjoyment? Is life ordered or haphazard? Are you the victim or creator of your life? Does your life have meaning or is it pointless?

At some point you may have wrestled with these and similar questions. If not, today is a great day to reflect on the meaning of your life. Your answers to these questions will guide your life just as they have the hundreds of philosophers and religious leaders before you.

It is your beliefs that make it so. Want to make your life meaningful, then believe it is. Do you want to be the co-creator of your life experiences? Good, trust and act as the co-creator.

If you feel like your life is arbitrary, pointless, and random, sorry I can’t help you. But if you believe that your life is Divinely orchestrated and you are the co-creator of it, then read on. There is much to learn.

What is Divine Order?

In my first book, Many Were Called, Few Were Chosen: The story of Mother Earth and the Earth Based Volunteers, I talk a lot about Divine Order, but I don’t think I ever defined it. I took it for granted that everyone understood and trusted Divine order. Now I realize that may not be the case…

Divine order is the universal plan for this planet and the part you play in it. All is in Divine order! Divine order is always perfect.

Divine order isn’t about how good or bad you are. It isn’t about the right and wrong decisions you make or have made. It is about how you allow the Divine spirit to guide you and manifest through you in your life. Even your resistance is part of Divine order. It is about how true you stay to your Divine Earth experience.

Divine order mandates that you stay in the flow of your life, fully present and mindful of the many decisions you make in your life. It is not about making the right decision but being mindful of the decision you make as well as the possible outcome of those decision. It is about being fully and authentically engaged in your life. The more you trust Divine order, the more your life is in Divine order.

Divine order is that intelligence that bubbles up within you that allows you to discern, to take action, to hold back, to move forward, to protect, to align and gives you confidence in your inherit wisdom. Divine order is Divinely perfect.

Reflect on the many “coincidences” in your life. Even though they may have been accidental events in the moment, they may have turned out to be the pivotal moments in your life. So no matter how bad you think you were, or how off your decision, there is no need for fear, guilt, regret, or even worry about tomorrow. All of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly, are part of your Divine plan and as such all is in Divine order.

The more you can trust that everything happens for the best, no matter the outcome, the more you will trust the flow. You are doing exactly what needs to be done when it needs to be done. When you can live in that belief that Divine order is perfect, the more you can fully surrender to your life and it will be both Divinely perfect and filled with peace.

Affirmation: “My life is Divinely perfect. I surrender and let go, knowing all is in Divine order. I am at peace.”

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