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As a professional speaker, Dr. Harder challenges old attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs with her inspired, often controversial, and always thought-provoking insights. She is recognized for her lasting results in leadership strategies, business relationships, personal empowerment, and compelling communication style.
wkshpchicagoHeather enlightens, entertains, and empowers her audiences to take action, to embrace chance, and take mastery over their life. The format varies, based upon the needs of her audience and the content, but her custom designed keynotes, workshops, and seminars are packed with humor and compelling content. Heather straight forward, in-your-face style, has made her a highly sought after professional speaker and member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFFPS), Heather travels the globe delivering her unique message. She speaks on a variety of topics ranging from
  • Education and learning (a Ph.D. in education),
  • Business and leadership (over 25 years as head of multiple successful businesses, both profit and non profit formats),
  • Communication (especially body language and non verbal communication—Do you know how to communicate high expectations from those around you without saying a word? If you go you are much more like to get high performance as well!),
  • Politics (She ran for U.S. President.),
  • Spirituality, &
  • Personal Empowerment.
Heather inspires her audiences to do and be more and to fully embrace their greatness both in their personal and professional lives. Jumping over tall buildings or stopping a speeding bullet will seem trivial after hearing her. Heather challenges her audiences to set higher goals, build bigger dreams, and achieve greater success as they gain mastery over their super human powers.

wkshpeceHer thought provoking style will engage,energize, and enlighten. Her participatory presentation style encourages engagement and laughter. She not only teachers team building but inspires it from her audiences. Many of her groups continue to stay in touch and meet long after the original gathering is over.

Whether it is through her professional level presentations, hands on workshops or her seminars and key notes, Heather is able to share inspiriting and compelling content that transform.

Call for details today. Let Heather custom design a topic that will fill your needs. Contact us today. Call 219-662-7248 or email atheather@heatherharder.com for more information.




Heather deeply affirms our exploratory steps on the spiritual path with her keen perception of the challenge of living an examined life. ...

A.M. Attorney, Indiana

Your book, Perfect Power in Consciousness, is great. Yes you are graced with the gift of simplicity. The great writers always express the...

B.F. Business Owner, California

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