Sterling Silver Cartouche with 18 kt

Gold hieroglyphic symbols with Silver Chain
The Egyptian cartouche was worn by pharaohs and kings of Ancient Egypt and made famous with the exploration of the ancient tombs. The cartouche is an oval ring that is a hieroglyph representation of a length of rope folded and tied at one end. It symbolized everything that the sun encircled and was an indication of the king’s rule over the cosmos. Thus the cartouche evokes the concept of eternity through its form. It was also considered a symbol of protection, to ward off evil or bad luck. Thus the wearer is considered to be held in reverence in “eternity” and “protected” against any unnecessary misfortune. Giving a cartouche is truly a gift of life and love. Now you have the choice of three cartouches to choose from. Each is hand made and comes with a matching approx. 21 inch chain at Egypt’s very affordable prices. But you must hurry…