Remembrance… Awaken to Your True Essence


Dr. Heather Anne Harder


Light Publishing


5 Audio CDs


Charles Ehrton Hinkley

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Remembrance…is both a journey and a destination. This five CD set is designed to take you to your true essence and the place of your ultimate power. You will free yourself of illusion and be empowered with truth. Reach beyond the ordinary and experience the extraordinary.

CD 1 Comprehension Relax your mind with an introduction and overview of Remembrance and the process of remembering.

CD 2: Freedom Learn to release and clear illusions that act as roadblocks, restrictions, limitations, and distracting influences.

CD 3: Power Move into the Light and experience your true essence.

CD 4: Integration Master the energetic skills needed to use the power of love.

CD 5: Remembrance Experience the musical sound track that takes you home