No More Judgment


Dr. Heather Anne Harder


9" x 6" 280 pages


Light Publishing



Judgment is the biggest unrecognized problem currently existing in our society. It destroys more lives than all wars and diseases combined. Your parents taught it to you, schools encourage it, and you pass it on to your children. It kills motivation, undermines self-esteem, plummets self-worth, it creates separation, encourages hate, and breeds war.


No More Judgment: Understanding the Universal Laws that Govern Judgment and Those That Judge will give you a new perspective on how to live life judgment-free! It is written for you, a person searching for truth and willing to do what is necessary to obtain it. Throughout this book, you will learn different ways we judge and how those judgment hinders you’re your life and what to do about it. Judgment has many forms; some will surprise you. This book may not be easy to digest. It may go against what you have been taught by those you love. But to live a healthy and engaged life, you must move beyond judgment.