Many Were Called – Few Were Chosen


Dr. Heather Anne Harder


9″ x 6″ 176 pages


Light Publishing



The Story of Mother Earth and the Earth-Based Volunteers This book connects the role of the earth based volunteers, and the grand design of Planet Earth. Many Were Called shares the story of mother Earth, from her perfect beginning to her current threatened existence. It recounts the story of the universal volunteers, who entered into a world of physical density, lack and limitation, and personal, social dysfunction, in order to serve the divine creator and make a difference. Many Were Called describes humanity’s devolution from freedom to bondage and its current assent back into conscious choice, through the planetary gift of free will. The book explains the divine plane for the ascension of Mother Earth, and all who are willing and able to ascend with her. Offering an outlook of optimism based on self-direction, Many Were Called awakens a cellular memory of the commitment you made, while it stirs the soul to attain mastery of the physical world. Many Were Called “…is a must-read for those who are new to metaphysics or spiritual studies, or who want to tie everything together in one easily understood book.”