Interdimensional Communication


Dr. Heather Anne Harder


9″ x 6″ 371 pages


Light Publishing



Are You Ready To Unlock The Secrets Of The Universe By Breaking Down The False Barrier Called Death? Interdimensional Communication: The Art & Science of Talking to Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, & Other Dead People Discover the skills and confidence you need to break down the barrier between those in physical existence and those in the spiritual planes. Learn who to “talk’ and who to avoid. Learn to converse in a variety of ways with beings that exist in other vibrational dimensions and who are able to view your life from different perspectives. Life is a continuum that transcends the physical body and the realm of physicality. As with any exploration into new uncharted territories, it is imperative to be safe. Thus, the techniques covered allow you to safely explore new vistas of awareness, as you communicate directly with those of a higher consciousness. Learn the rules of etiquette of the spiritual realm. You will gain valuable insights into the nature of life and the greater reality that lies beyond the physical world. You are more than you can imagine and you live in a world much bigger than you can conceive. Change your concept of life forever as you are gently guided into this wondrous world. Learn to traverse the great divide between the world of the living and those that exist in other non-physical worlds. You will exceed your perceived limits of physicality and reconnect with your true spiritual nature and those that labor on your behalf.