Exploring Life’s last Frontier


Dr. Heather Anne Harder


9″ x 6″ 320 pages


Light Publishing



The World of Death, Dying & Letting Go Death touches us all. Yet few dare to talk about it. It is seen as a morbid and depressing topic that few will attempt. But death is real and it touches us all, some sooner than others. Learning to talk about it is healing, especially for those who are nearing death. Exploring gives you a language and an inspiriting, unique, light hearted approach to talking about and dealing with death and dying.

Is someone you know dying and you don’t know how to help them or what to say? Would you like to help them through the process without being afraid? Do you wonder about death yourself and is it especially hard during the holidays to cope with these feelings and emotions? Dr. Heather Anne Harder answers these questions in a spiritually uplifting and honest way. Move into a sea of peace, acceptance and clarity that you can share with those that need it the most.

In her book Exploring Life’s last Frontier: The World of Death, Dying & Letting Go, Dr. Heather Anne Harder will help you:

  • Remove the fear and terror that surrounds death.
  • Acquire a greater knowledge and understanding of the death process from those who have died.
  • Discover a wonderful place filled with unlimited existence.
  • Learn of the wondrous dimension, which is just beyond our physical senses.
  • Find comfort in venturing beyond life!