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HeatherHarderIcon For over 25+ years, Heather has worked with Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits as a speaker, educator, consultant and coach. During this time she has confronted limiting attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, and practices with her inspired, occasionally controversial, and always though-provoking insights. She is recognized for her impact and lasting results in leadership strategies, business relationships, personal transformation, and compelling communication style with both the living and the deceased. Her ability to clearly articulate her views with passion and humor has made her a popular guest and brought her many media opportunities. Dr. Harder has appeared on CNN, CSPANN, MTV, NBC news, CBS news, and was featured in a documentary on PBS as well as hundreds of radio programs across this country. Whether speaking to an individual or a group about politics, business leadership, or death and dying, Heather holds an audience. Currently, Dr. Harder is the Executive Director of a university affiliated nonprofit organization and teaches classes at several universities including University of Chicago. INTRODUCING THE MANY FACETS OF HEATHER The Author… Heather Harder is a prolific writer and author of numerous books, reports, and articles on a variety of topics. She has recorded dozens of personal and professional growth audio and video products. Writing in the field of business, personal growth, education, spiritual, and conscious evolution, her writing is a unique blend of common sense and universal truth designed to challenge old attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs with her inspired, sometimes controversial, and always thought-provoking insights. Check out Heather’s books on the products page. The Speaker… Since giving her first presentation in 1976, Heather has captivated audiences with her wit, radical common sense and cutting edge information. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and has addressed audiences world wide. As a professional speaker and modern day mystic she changes lives and challenges people and organizations to reach beyond the ordinary and dare to experience the extraordinary. Learn how to book Heather The Educator… Heather earned her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in education from Indiana University and a Ph.D. from Indiana State University. She is a past professor of early childhood education at Governors State University and was the coordinator of the Graduate and Undergraduate Early Childhood Program at Governor’s State University (IL). She is a frequent guest lecturer at many colleges and universities throughout the nation. Currently, Dr. Harder is the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization and teaches business leadership and communication classes at the University of Chicago. The Businesswoman… Heather opened her first business at age six, although she had a solid base of clients, it failed to realize a profit. Since then Heather has owned and successfully operated a variety of service, and retail businesses. Heather currently sits on the board of several organizations. The World Travel Facilitator… “Discover yourself as you explore the world” is Heather’s motto. Heather takes small groups to dig crystals in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and trekking the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Her international trips have included such places as Peru, Bali, England, Israel, and of course her favorite, Egypt. These are not ordinary tourist experiences but deep spiritual and self growth journeys of self discovery—complete with daily coaching and reflections. www.ExperienceEgyptNow.com The Coach and Consultant… Whether working with individuals, businesses, and organizations, Heather’s open and direct communication style empowers her clients to maximize their potential, tweak their skills, and pushes them to greatly enhance their progress. Using both traditional and cutting edge techniques, Heather challenges clients to stretch, reach goals, and improve their lives at an accelerated rate. Need to talk to someone who can really help you move forward? Visit www.superselfcoaching.com The Political Activist… Never a person to sit back and complain, when Heather felt she could make a positive contribution to the world of politics, she stepped up and threw her hat in the ring. Her political journey covered ten years and forty-six states. Now, through her work, she guides others in the confusing and chaotic world of politics.




Heather deeply affirms our exploratory steps on the spiritual path with her keen perception of the challenge of living an examined life. ...

A.M. Attorney, Indiana

Your book, Perfect Power in Consciousness, is great. Yes you are graced with the gift of simplicity. The great writers always express the...

B.F. Business Owner, California

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